pichichiEl Nuevo Google Play

Recientemente la empresa Google, presento una nueva modalidad para móviles llamada: Google Play que vendrá a mejorar la experiencia de navegar en internet cuando lo hagas por medio de tus dispositivos móviles.

En Google Play, podrás comprar aplicaciones y juegos para tu dispositivo con Android o podrás utilizarlo desde la Web, sin importar en qué lugar del planeta te encuentres.

También Podrás elegir entre una gran variedad de Aplicaciones y juegos, por el momento son más de 450.000 aplicaciones disponibles en Google Play.

Puedes instalarlas en tu dispositivo o disfrutarlas directamente desde la Web.

Encuentra tu aplicación favorita aquí.

pichichiGoogle Play

Recientemente el buscador más famoso del mundo ha presentado Google Play, donde puedes descubrir nuevas características que mejoraran tu experiencia al navegar en Google, podrás comprar aplicaciones y juegos para tu dispositivo Android o para jugar en la Web, estés donde estés.

Podras elegir una gran variedad de Aplicaciones y juegos en Google Play donde serás capas de Escoger tu aplicación favorita entre las más de 450.000 aplicaciones disponibles en Google Play.

Puedes instalarlas en tu dispositivo o disfrutarlas directamente desde la Web.

Encuentra tu aplicación favorita aquí.

pichichiThe poker except my vacation

In the annual holiday with my family whenever we go visit where some relatives in the interior of our country rides these days makes me a bit boring (since I was a child has always been the same) at this moment I have 24 years since I have traveled 10 from border to border and I live in the west and my family is from east. The journey becomes even more stressful because our car is not very comfortable, we have a Volkswagen in 70, I have to watch from time to time and distance because it tends to warm the engine of the car.

Long ago it was nice to travel because driving my dad or my brother, but since my brother went to live abroad and since I have a driver’s license, the pilot assigned for vacation trips me.

But I’m sure this vacation will be different from my cousin Oscar sent him from the United States a portable table to play poker and that puts me in a round table and 6 players can play at the same time, the material of the board or blanket to play is as plush and has a deposit to place chips by color, to place the cards and to place the glass or drink for comfort.

In my family is a tradition to play the card game since my grandfather played with my uncles and they taught us the poker rules

This vacation will be totally different that’s for sure because I play with my cousins long hours and I have a few tricks up your sleeve I’ve been looking at a page of tips and tricks of the game.

I will have a week to show my skills in the game.

pichichiI want to learn how to play poker online

In the course of my life as a faithful blogger and lover of computer technologies have met many people that I have expressed the desire to learn to play cards but making use of methods or applications online, I always find some one geek in the computer fairs, commenting on my blog or through social networks wondering, you can recommend me some website where you can learn how to play Poker? And of course my answer is absolutely yes, because I like to help.

The fact that the game is very simple and contagious should not complicate both the theme of gambling or understand the rules of the game there are rules as: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Classical, etc..

For me the first step in learning to play poker is just understanding the game, ie, knowing when you win and when you lose with the cards you have in hand, the game is a mix of luck and mix of mental strategy.

There is no weak player in, and you can be lucky enough to have the best hands on your gaming table, the next day it can happen otherwise, it is important to know how to play your cards right and know how to play with the mind of your opponents.

But to enter fully into the game you have to know some basics of the deck, A deck or a deck of cards has 52 cards divided into four groups of 13 each.

Each group is known as stick or dish, there are two red and two black: Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades.

Each pole of the deck and lowest to highest were determined as follows: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K and A.

Poker is about getting the best hand with 5 cards, there are some possibilities:

  • A pair
  • Two pairs
  • A trio
  • Simple ladder
  • Color
  • A trio and a pair
  • Poker
  • Straight in Color
  • Pokarín

In turn, each pair of letters has hierarchy according to the criterion of lowest to highest. Simple as that, a pair of 5 is more than a couple of 2. A pair of A is greater than a few K.

When are two sets, wins the one with the highest pair in your hand, I mean that 2 pairs (one pair of 5 and a pair of 4) is less than the other combination of 2 pairs (a pair of 10 and a pair of 2) because 10 is the highest pair on the last hand.

The same occurs for triplets: a trio of J is larger than a trio 8.
A straight is when the cards are consecutive and go from low to high in steps of 5 letters: ladder lower (2,3,4,5,6) (3,4,5,6,7), etc.. The higher straight is known as France (A, 10, J, Q, K), the second is (A, 2,3,4,5), is the second most because as the two have to be based on the criterion of the second letter greater than for the case of the French at K and in the case of the second is 5, K> 5 course.

Color is when the five hole cards are suited or delicacy regardless of their order.

A kind and a pair are called Full House. A full house is greater than another as the trio in it is greater.

Poker is when there are the 4 cards corresponding to a character, for example, the four J, four or all four Q 2. A poker is greater than another according to the hierarchy of least to greatest.

The steps in color is the result of the combined principles of a staircase with color. That is, a straight with all cards of one suit of cards.

The highest ranking hand in poker is the Royal Flush or Royal Flush: Straight France is the Color.

The pokarín can only occur when using the Joker, then the poker pokarín is accompanied by the Joker.

But for me the best hand input is A and K of the same dish, remember that AA gives advantage but does not give you guarantee that you win the game, in my experience stronger hand is AK the same color.

To Play Poker Online has spoken!

pichichiPlay Air Hockey in the IPAD

Play Air Hockey in the IPAD

The IPAD is undoubtedly one of the sensations for lovers of technology, with the IPAD can download applications airhockey like to have fun with the new Apple toy.


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