SMO: Social Media Optimization

SMO stands for Optimization of Social Media and is based on the presence of your website and social bookmarking networks to achieve a rapid and effective visit, ie web traffic to gain more direct.

When we want a website is positioned well in search engines used on the Internet, we usually do care about social networking common than most know, that is to leave our link in forums or other websites for reading the den comment click the link and redirect to our website (inbound links) and gain a bit of traffic through such links, this helps a lot, but making use of social media, do more still. How?

For better positioning of our site we serve more than those in natural laces are left for us users, ie they recmiendan us, article, service or product by making use of social media.

Natural links are those that come to our web AVERAGE recommendation of a user making use of social media, not searching.

SMO can give us a great presence on the internet thanks to your bookmarks and social networks are hot and increasingly growing number of users that use them and there are numerous Internet users who may have sites like delicious meneame or and get our post, article or our internal website, this well positioned these markers also can give us a huge injection of visits which is really what we need to.

To do this you need a study SEO (search engine optimization,) optimize your site for search engines, though the tags and set goals for our site and facilities to our users to be authorized to submit news or pages of our site by us to these markers or social networks.

So it is not so easy to get a good position in these networks, and there are many web sites that you already took the lead and have united to demand that we live today in both SEO as SMO.
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