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Today, companies use the new wave cybernetics where the facilities and service is offered by the internet becomes attractive dial in each niche.
There are new strategies to offer products and services they provide to their customers.

With the Internet can do wonders, a few years ago I discussed with my colleagues, who missed the business potential of the Internet today, either because they ignore the issue or simply have not wanted to take importance and then wonder why the other companies that are their competition, they excel or sell more than them.

The answer is simple, have a better strategic plan to be released on the internet are called online strategy.


Some tips:

– If you have no website, it is time to have one, it can put all your products and services you offer and with a simple business card wherever you go embodied the website of your company, your reputation goes up and you avoid giving a large Speaking to customers about your services when they invite you to look at your business website what you offer.

– If you already have a website, there are ways to monitor web traffic and check if your site is actually visited, is useless to have a nice site if you do not receive visits, people would not know if you do not visit your website.

– You have to implement strategies SEO (search engine optimization), for this you should look for people who know about the subject, you have to position your website in search engines, when looking for a related service, you appear at least in first 20 results, if you’re not within this parameter will not have visits.

– You can start using social networks like Facebook or twitter, oddly enough the show profiles with the name of your company and place the services you can provide will increase the number of people interested in entering your website.

– If you sell products, you can put your product listings in PDF where you will have access only if they leave their name and e-mail or register on your site, so then I can download, but not always good to put the prices in the listings, thus obliged to call you and contact you directly to your company and ask them.

– The emails have named you increase your database of clients, but more segmented and more specifically, where you can make use of e-mailings or famous mass mailings, send to your customers, (you must use tools and specific software for that task, so that the mail reaches target safely and as unique email addressees, thus avoiding the famous SPAM).

– You may ask web sites well placed to write articles about your company or your website, or better yet negotiate a button or banner on the front pages of their sites, where a site gets a good number of daily visits, to give these buttons or click banners re routed traffic to your website, this will help you better positions on the Internet.

– You can also use Google Marketing or Facebook Marketing to promote yourself with greater impact.

– Your web site you can register on payment schemes click, as is the case with google adsense, InfoLinks, etc … This will help you to earn extra income monthly and eventually provided you have the site updated and active, always receive the monthly checks for life.

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